BTC sites with referralprogram

On this page You'll find no less than 11 great BTC programs to choose from. Earn by viewing ads, watching video's, doing tasks and refer new members. Many of these site offer the possibility to get paid in $ too! Join them and make some extra BTC too!

Free BTC for watching vids or playing games. Limited offer to buy co-founder upgrade.

Earn 0.0112 mBTC per click. Refer and get 10% from your referrals (5 levels). Investment or Miner Token with 3% referral bonus. Cloud merge mining BTC, DVC, NMC, IXC coins. Payout at 10 mBTC.

Get BTC for watching ads and vids. Refer and earn 5 - 10%.
BTC sites related traffic exchange. New members get 100 Credits.  Earn 0.1 credit each time your referrals views a site.

Get paid in BTC for clicking Ads, vids, offers and tasks. Refer or rent referrals.

BTC Clicks
Become a member too and earn BTC's by viewing ads. Refer or rent referralss.

Just like BTC Clicks. Earn 10 - 20% from your referral's PTC clicks. Cashout at 0.15 mBTC.

Monetize your content. Shorten links and earn BTC. Referralprogram too!

Signup and get 0.01 BTC for free. Earn another 0.001 BTC for each ad viewed. Payout at 0.08 BTC.

Earn by viewing ads and doing tasks. Refer or rent referrals. Payout (minimum $ 2.00) in Cash or BTC.

Ringobox (vanished)
Earn by viewins ads. Refer or rent referrals. Instant payout (minimum $ 1.00) in Cash or BTC.
Many ways to earn. Get paid tot click, promote, read, and signup. FB likes, completing offers. Payout  in $ or BTC.

  NEW!! - Minersbit: Free 0.01 BTC for Signup, 0.001 BTC per viewd ad. Payout at 0.08 BTC.

Affiliate 4 Bitcoin