BTC Faucet sites with referralprogram

Welcome on the page of eurotalker, where You will find a great variety of BTC-earning-programs! Join them, and start making bitcoins!

You'll find 31 sites on this list full of great BTC faucets with a referralprogram. The more referrals You have, the more BTC you gain. Who doesn't want that? Well, I did. And now I'm sharing my links of all these programs with You. Join them and start making referrals too!

(NEW!! Last added on this list: QoinPro)


Free 60 Satoshi every hour. Refer and get 25% on earnings.

Earn up to 35 uBTC per day. Refer and earn 50% profit every time your referral visits one of the advertisements sites.
Earn with their faucet, every 6 hours! Refer and get 0.15 uBTC for each valid and unique user submit. Payout limit is 54.3 uBTC.

Usage of referrallink is described in FAQ. Payout limit is 5500 Satoshi.

Bitcoin Addict
Claim your daily prize. Referralprogram too!

Earn BTC every 30 minutes.

Bit Crate
Brake a crate. Get free bitcoins. Once every 24 hours. Refer others and get bonus bitcoins.

Receive 2 uBTC per hit.

Win 100 - 300 Satoshi every hour. Refer others and get 5% of dispenses. Cash out at 100.000 Satoshi.

Earning up to 4 uBTC per click. Earn 50% of your lifetime referrals everytime they visit one of the advertiser's sites!
Earn 10 - 200 Satoshi every hour! Payout limit is 50.000 Satoshi. Refer and get 20%.

  NEW!! - Minersbit: Free 0.01 BTC for Signup, 0.001 BTC per viewd ad.
Payout at 0.08 BTC.

Affiliate 4 Bitcoin

BTC King
Earn 50 - 250 Satoshi every hour. Refer and get 2%. Payout at 20.000 Satoshi.

Earn 100 - 777 Satoshi every hour! Refer and get 5% on every dispence!

Daily Bitcoins
Earn every hour. Just by clicking the faucet. Sign up, refer and earn 25% of revenue from ad purchases.

Daily Free Bitcoin
Earn 100 - 500 Satoshi every hour. Refer and get 10% of dispenses. Cashout at 10.000 Satoshi.

Daily Free Bits
Earn 200 - 1200 Satoshi every 6 hours. Refer and earn 25% of your referrals.

Earn Free Bitcoins
Earn up to 3.544 uBTC a day. Payout limit is 55 uBTC. Refer and earn 30% of all revenue from sites that your referrals visit!
Roll every hour, and win up to 0.2 BTC!! Multiply your earnings with High/Lo game.

Claim 25 - 1000 Satoshi every hour. Refer and earn 10% of dispenses.

Free Bitcoins faucet
Earn up to 40 uBTC per hour. Get 10% from your referral dispenses.

Earn 1000 Satoshi a day just for clicking. Earn another 1000 Satoshi on the Extra Page. Refer and get 50% of your referrals earnings and their referrals too!

Get 1000 - 1400 Satoshi each hour. Refer and get 15% of dispenses.
A Dutch faucet site. Works like

Earn 100 - 1000 Satoshi every hour! Refer and get 10% on every dispence!

Land of Bitcoin
Lots of tasks and ads to view. Greatest thing is you don't have to a thing, to earn. Simply register and watch the balancebar go from left to right, increasing your balance. Cash out at 500 Satoshi.

Get 100 - 200 Satoshi every hour. Payout instant at 50.000 satoshi. Refer and get 20% of every dispense.

Earn 5 Satoshi. Earn 2 Satoshi each time your referral solves a captcha.

Claim 1 - 500 Satoshi every hour. Refer and get 5% of dispenses.

Potato Faucet
Earn 50 - 1000 Satoshi every hour. Refer and earn 5% of your referral dispenses.

Register at this Multi-Coin Faucet and receive FREE Bitcoins every day! No ads, no captcha's. Refer up to 7 levels deep! The more referrals you have, the more daily bonus you'll get. Great program. Must join!

Rainbow BTCfaucet
Get 25 - 1000 Satoshi every 45 minutes. Refer and get 1% of dispenses of your referrals.

View ads, fill in captcha and earn BTC. Get 4% from your referrals