Mt. Gox disappeared
25-02-2014  20:55

Oh oh. Bad news for Mt. Gox users.

It has vanished from the net. The New York times called it an 'apparent theft' and wonder if Mt. Gox users will ever get their bitcoins back. According to this document, Mt. Gox has lost 744,408 Bitcoins over several years. The news and legitimacy is debated on several forums like the forum of the bitcoin foundation, reddit and bitcointalk.

I guess the best thing Mt. Gox users can do for now, is to stay updated on the latest news.

What is a Satoshi?
20-02-2014  18:00

Earlier I gave a brief explanation of what Bitcoins (BTC) are.  But, what is mBTC, uBTC and Satoshi then? Well, it's not that hard. In short, mBTC, uBTC and Satoshi are just smaller parts of 1 BTC.

If 1 BTC would be equivalent of 1 million (f.e. USD), then 1 mBTC would be 1,000 USD, uBTC would be 1 USD, and Satoshi's would be (dollar)cents. So, 1 BTC = 1,000 mBTC = 1,000,000 uBTC = 100,000,000 Satoshi.

Satoshi is short for the pseydonym 'Nakamoto Satoshi' and founder of BTC. In 2009 Satoshi released a paper introducing BTC, which might be of interest to all that want to know more about the history of BTC (full paper can be found here). Since 2010 control of the source code, amongst other things, were handed over to Gavin Andresen, who can be found on the forum; a forum I'd like to recommend to all BTC-newbies like me.

Now, if You'd take the effort of reading the link to the paper (see above), You'll see what makes the concept 'unique'. There's no third party, like your own bank (f.e.), and therefore the system is doing something that has not been seen for centuries: minimizing the financial power banks have on 'normal people'. Now, there are systems that also exclude banks as a 'middle men', like bartering, but none has gained so much popularity in such short time as Bitcoins.

According to Wikipedia, Satoshi has about 1,1 billion BTC. Making him the wealthiest pseudonym I've ever known of. And probably the most famous as well.

Trouble for Bitcoin due to design flaw
10-02-2014  21:49

Just read a newsarticle I'd like to share with you. A so called 'glitch' in the design makes it possible for outsiders to edit transactions. The news caused the Bitcoin rate to drop. Bitcoin core developer Greg Maxwell says the flaw is known since 2011. He's comment was:

“They portray characteristics of the Bitcoin system well known since at least 2011 (which even have their own wiki page) as something new,” he said. “These characteristics are annoying but don’t inhibit basic operation. They are slowly being fixed—but fixing them completely will likely take years as they require changing all wallet software. Correctly written wallet software can cope with the consequences, and I cannot understand why they would gate their withdraws on external changes.”


Read the complete story on Ars Technica.


What is Bitcoin?
06-02-2014  21:53

Now, what exactly are bitcoins? Well, bitcoins are the first decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoins can not be 'printed', like banks do. No, you'll have to mine them. Or earned by doing jobs, tasks, watching vids, clicking ads, etc. There are many ways to earn Bitcoins. They can be traded for other digital currencies, of (f.e.) USD, or Euro. Now, I could tell a lot more about Bitcoins, but please take a look at this short video first. It shows a brief explanation and gives you a good start finding out what Bitcoins are.



First article
06-02-2014  21:50

Welcome on Eurotalker's blog!

I've been a member of some programs where one can earn money online. Think: PTP, PTC, PPC programs and programs alike.  I started with it through a personal friend, and it became a hobby. Offcourse I could have chosen for collecting post stamps as well, or tormenting my neighboors by taking singing-lessons, but this is much more fun.

Since Bitcoins gained popularity, we've seen an increase of money earning programs online where one can earn Bitcoins, or programs that added the possibility to be paid in Bitcoins. Curious as I am I started to read about the subject. I must say that the concept behind it got my attention and enthusiasm. Like so many other people in this world, I like Bitcoins to succeed in gaining even more popularity than it already has.

Now, I told you already that I was a member of some money earning programs online. So, I started to look if there also are BTC related money earning programs. And boy, it does! There a many kind of programs and ways to earn (or make) BTC online.

Personally I believe that knowledge should be shared and not kept for one self! By making a blog I can do so, and at the same time keep track of my progress on the subject. And that is your answer on why I ever got the idea of making this site.

So ... On this blog I wil share all the things I've learned (and will learn in nearby future), share a list of BTC related programs, write about BTC related news, and many more.  Come back regularly! You'll see that this site is worked on by an almost daily basis!

If you have suggestions, questions or ideas for this site, click HERE to contact me on my facebook-page.